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Vinyl, LP, AlbumFirst Press
Ⓟ © 1975 CAROLINE RECORDS – C 1514 - UK

Produced by Lol Coxhill

A1 . The First Bit
A2 . Egal O. K.
A3 . Le Tombeau De Ravel
A4 . Grumbley's Creole Trombone
A5 . Blossom Time
A6 . Expedition To The Lair Of The Terrifying Spider Boy...Who Fortunately Was Not At Home
A7 . An Awfully Romantic Duet For Possibly Blackbird And Definitely Saxophone
A8 . Tuba Gallicalis
A9 . Egg Dance
A10 . Mad Tom
Welwyn Garden
A11 . Mole Song
A12 . Little German Band
A13 . Bring Out Your Skeletons
A14 . Lady Howard Calypso
A15 . Parade
A16 . Tribal Drumming From The Nim Ram River Region
B1 . Big German Band
B2 . Rag
B3 . Ghosts
B4 . Luke Jamboree
B5 . Skipton March
B6 . Arena
B7 . Child Of The Evening
B8 . Anna Marie
B9 . W. S. Samba

B10 . Yet Another Egal O. K

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